Call and schedule a pick up, shipping, or drop off. We provide a general quote over the phone. Once in the shop it is inspected and a final quote is given and approved by the owner. Your area rug begins its “spa” cleaning. You can relax and trust in our expertise to handle the job professionally and efficiently.


Your rug is then relieved of the embedded soil by a Dusting Machine. This beats the dirt out. Pre treated for pet and soiling, Submerged if needed. And cleaned in the cleanvac machine. It is rinsed and then has 99% of the water removed by a centrifuge. The final dry just takes a few hours in the dehumidifying room.



Once dry your rug cleaning  has a final hand inspection. Any specialty spotting and repairs are done at this time. The rug is then wrapped for delivery in plastic and scheduled for drop off, shipping, or pick up. You are in the loop via text/email the whole way. You can pay Online. We can even pack your rug for storage.

Over Two Decades of Trusted Experience

22+ Years Experience

With our 22+ years of experience, we’ve helped countless homeowners and businesses throughout Idaho maintain beautiful area rugs and carpets. Your floor coverings are our passion! That’s why we own two successful floor cleaning busineses: The Rug Cleaning Shop and All American Carpet Cleaning.

You should know that rug cleaning is not carpet cleaning. This is why we offer two completely different types of services in each of our industry leading floor cleaning businesses.

We handle all jobs professionally and swiftly. If you want your floor coverings or upholstery done right the first time, give us a call.

Cleaned Right Every Time

To protect your valued carpets, they need to be cleaned with hot water extraction. However, hot Water is a Big “No No” for all types of area rugs. That’s because it causes curling, shrinkage, warping, and color bleed. So, why call a company that cleans carpets to clean your area rugs? You shouldn’t!

They are two different methods entirely. Additionally, other rug cleaners use pit type cleaning. This is a simplistic cleaning method using a pit to soak your rug, scrub it with a buffer brush, and submersion, squeegee the rug on a concrete floor and hang it to dry.

Our competitors’ process takes days to dry and you won’t see your rug back for weeks or months. 

Fast and Reliable Service

Our rug cleaning machine was designed and engineered in Turkey, a place where rugs are as common as carpet is in the USA. We’re the only Idaho company that can clean and treat every style, size and type of rug you throw at us. We specialize in Turkish, Persian, Oriental, Synthetic, and Natural fibers (Wool).

We take special care in our work and meticulously inspect each rug before and after it goes through the cleaning process, to ensure all repairs are made, spots are removed, and pet problems are treated.

Our process takes no more than a week and in some cases you can have your rug back in your home in just a day. Call us today for a free quote.

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